{{vi18n(lang, 'Contractors', '承包商')}}

{{vi18n(lang, 'Safety Training Shared Services Platform', '安全培训共享平台')}}

{{vi18n(lang, 'One QR code to solve all contractor training challenges', '一个二维码解决所有承包商培训难题')}}

{{vi18n(lang, 'Changed the past Party A enterprises to pay for training is not pleasing, Party B have complaints do not cooperate, but still no training effect of the situation. Really let the mobile contractor safety training effectiveness on the ground, to fundamentally curb the occurrence of major malignant production accidents. It also solves the time and money cost of "being repeatedly requested by multiple parties for safety training" in the process of frequent mobility of contractors.', '改变了过去甲方企业出钱出力培训不讨好、乙方怨声载道,却仍然没有培训效果的局面。真正让流动性承包商安全培训实效落地,从根本上遏制重大恶性生产事故的发生。也解决了承包商频繁流动过程中“被多个甲方重复性要求安全培训”的时间和金钱成本。')}}