{{vi18n(lang, 'Emergency Capacity Building', '应急能力建设')}}

{{vi18n(lang, 'Consulting | Planning | Design | Implementation | Training', '咨询 | 策划 | 设计 | 实施 | 培训')}}

{{vi18n(lang, 'SAFECOO team is the first professional team in China to provide emergency management practical training and enhancement for large and medium-sized enterprises, and has provided emergency practical management consulting and services for dozens of multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 companies so far.', '安酷团队是国内最早为大中型企业提供应急管理实战化培训和提升的专业团队,迄今已经为几十家跨国企业和500强企业提供过应急实战管理的咨询和服务。')}}

{{vi18n(lang, 'Emergency Capacity Building Goals', '应急能力建设目标')}}


{{vi18n(lang, 'Three Steps to Implementation', '实施三部曲')}}

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{{vi18n(lang, 'Emergency Management Advanced Training and Introductory Sand Table Exercise', '应急管理高阶培训与导入式沙盘推演')}}